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If you are interested in umpiring for Coogee Dolphins please email us at 

New umpires must be at least 15 years old and will be required to complete the Umpires theory exam on PlayHQ. Once this has been completed please email us your result and we will organise a mentor for you. Umpires will practice at training sessions and once deemed confident will begin to umpire on Saturday's starting at low division young age groups with their mentor present. 

Experienced umpires should email us their completed umpires theory exam and any previous experience they have umpiring. We will then roster them onto the appropriate levelled games. 



It is compulsory that all umpires at the time of umpiring are in a white shirt. Coogee Dolphins will be providing the umpires with a unique Coogee Dolphins umpiring jersey. Coogee Dolphins will also be providing shared tracksuits for winter games with bad weather circumstances (cold, rain) that are predominantly white. 

Umpires are advised to invest in a white skirt to wear with their umpiring jersey. 

Umpires are also required to be wearing appropriate training shoes whilst umpiring. 

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