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Mental Health Support

Coogee Dolphins Sports Club are committed to providing a safe and educated environment where mental health understanding and awareness are a part of our culture. We believe the well-being and safety of our Rugby League and Netball athletes, coaches, trainers, umpires and officials, parents, and our wider sports community is paramount. We are accountable to our people ensuring that every member within our care feels a sense of belonging, connectedness, and safety. We acknowledge that mental health and wellbeing is a collective responsibility, and we make a commitment to build and enhance the capacity of all members within our sports club. 

We uphold this commitment by: 

  • Providing continuing support to our athletes, coaches, trainers, umpires and officials, parents, and our wider sports community, both on and off the field and court, 

  • Educating our coaches, trainers, umpires, and officials to identify and address the diverse factors that impact our athlete’s mental health and wellbeing, working in genuine partnership with community organisations to reduce the stigma around mental health, 

  • Promoting mental health awareness and providing resources within our community through our social media channels and club events, 

  • Learning and modelling positive behaviours and practices that ensures inclusivity, healthy relationships, and resilience for all community members, 

  • Reviewing our progress to ensure continuous and sustainable improvement in our practices, policies, and decision-making.

Each month we will share resources and knowledge from within our sports club and through our partnerships with Mental Health initiatives. Check out our community resources here by clicking on the picture:

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