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Training Guidelines

Training will commence with the appropriate safety measures in place. Due to the challenges of COVID-19 we are restricted to 60 minute sessions, with a focus on fitness and agility. In addition to the 60 minute session is a 20 minute gap between training sessions. 10 minutes before to arrive to the court and 10 minutes after to vacate for the next team ensuring that there is no crossover. Please make sure that parents are ON TIME to picking their children up from training as coaches and players are not allowed to stay at the courts outside of their designated times. 

RNA have come up with return to training guidelines which will be summarised below.​

  • Teams to arrive at the court no sooner than 10 minutes before training session ready to play with their own water bottle/towel/personal sanitiser kit (all labelled)

  • Trainings are allowed a maximum of 10 participants (including coaches) at any time. Meaning, parents must stay in their cars and are not to be on or surrounding the court during training. 

  • On arrival all coaches, managers, players in attendance to wash/sanitise hands

  • Players to leave immediately following training

  • Any player who is unwell should not attend

  • It is recommended that all members/parents download the Federal Government COVIDSafe App

  • Should a coach be concerned about the health of any team member, the member should be requested to go home and return to training when well

  • Any member returning to Netball following a positive/confirmed case of COVID-19 is to provide the appropriate clearance to play documentation from treating doctor or public health authority

For more information please visit the RNA website

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